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We Made Your Regalia! Fashion Revolution Week April 2017

Fashion Revolution Week Australia and New Zealand 24th-30th April - It has been our delight to participate in the 2017 Fashion Revolution Week Australia... to also demonstrate our commitment to the overall ethos that Fashion Revolution stands for. Transparency, fairness, an ethical approach…Read More

When Does a Mayor or Shire President Wear a Robe and Chain Collar?

The Shire of Esperance President Robe and Chain Collar made by us for the Royal Australian Navy Submarine HMAS Farncomb Freedom of Entry Ceremony.Read More

Our 2016 Highlights at George H Lilley Regalia

So as the busy end-of-year ceremony season comes to a close, we reflect upon some of the wonderful opportunities we have had during 2016.Read More

Tips for Purchasing Your Perfect PhD Gown

...your PhD award ceremony is of great significance. It’s also important to family and friends who have witnessed (or maybe suffered!) you going through the process of attaining your PhD.Read More

An Introduction to the Sydney Masonic Centre and the Museum of Freemasonry

"Meet R Wor Bro Chris Craven... surrounded on all sides by framed art, prints, artefacts, ceramics, crafts..."Read More

Focus on Manufacturing - About Our Craft

"...grungy work benches... metal pieces, gravers and well-worn surfaces... What you’re looking at are details of some of our manufacturing processes - now we will explain a little more about our craft."Read More

Over-the-top? Hardly! Graduation Gowns for School Graduates

Over-the-top? Hardly! Graduation Gowns for School Graduates - "It’s the ultimate selfie, to have self and high school friends in black gown and graduation hat, beaming with happiness".Read More

Everyday and Significant - Regalia, Regalia Everywhere!

Sure, regalia may seem out-dated to some, a bit too ‘pomp and ceremony’… though few of us are aware that regalia is in fact around us much of the time, and can have significant meaning to the recipient or wearer.Read More

Welcome, Friends! See Our New, Improved and Fully Responsive Website!

See more about our manufacturing processes, the history of the company, as well as the collective skills and qualifications of our talented team!Read More

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