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It’s our pleasure to welcome you to our new webiste, offering you a more comprehensive and detailed online experience of George H. Lilley Regalia. It is now fully responsive, which means our website will work on your mobile, laptop, desktop and touch pad device. Explore our showcase of regalia projects or browse through and purchase from our online store.

You can also see more about our manufacturing processes, the history of the company, as well as the collective skills and qualifications of our talented team.


Bulllion Embroidery circa 1947 Melbourne, Argus Collection

Browse Our Project Showcase and Purchase Online

The main categories of our products and services are now presented as follows:

Academic Dress Sales (Purchase Online)
Academic Dress Hire and Graduation Services (Browse Our Showcase & Enquire)
Masonic and Fraternal Regalia (Purchase Online)
Uniform Accoutrements­ (Browse Our Showcase & Enquire)
Mayoral Regalia (Browse Our Showcase & Enquire)
Medals, Badges and Plaques (Browse Our Showcase & Enquire)


PhD Regalia Suite by George H. Lilley Regalia, Melbourne

Academic Dress and Graduation Gowns

University-specific academic dress is now available, with more information and photographs of our graduation gowns, academic hoods and headwear for you to see. 

View some of the wonderful PhD gowns and Chancellor robes we have tailored in recent years, which for us is the ultimate way to satisfy our creative passion for making such beautiful garments!

See our showcase of Academic Dress Hire and Graduation Services and see how we can further contribute to your ceremony requirements. Graduations can be most challenging, so it’s our pleasure to offer a range of complimentary services for your ceremonies and events.


 Grand Mark Masonic Gauntlets with Double Braid and Bullion Embroidery

Masonic and Fraternal Regalia

Our Masonic Regalia catalogue now features several hundred masonic regalia items and accessories for Freemasons, most of which may be purchased online.

We’d like to think that by now, our Masonic Regalia catalogue is possibly the most comprehensive available!

While we continue to build our catalogue with all variations according to constitution, you will notice some better photographs and more thorough documentation of our Masonic Regalia on our new website.


Various Uniform Accoutrements on Display at our Melbourne Showroom

Uniform Accoutrements - Mayoral Regalia - Badges, Medals and Plaques

Our uniform accoutrements, mayoral regalia, medals, badges and plaques are now presented in a way that showcases various projects and products so you can see the vast range of regalia that we make, and the services we provide for.

It’s our pleasure to illustrate our craft to you in a way that reveals our passion for the design, artistry and manufacturing processes we use in producing regalia.


Tailoring Academic Dress at Our Melbourne Factory

We are Licensees of the Official Australian Made Campaign

On the topic of manufacturing, we are very proud to be part of the official Australian Made campaign yet again!

While browsing through our website, you can see that the vast majority of our products are certified Australian made.

It's all about You! Our Valued Customers

Most importantly, we trust that you, our valued clients, enjoy our new website and find it user-friendly and full of helpful, relevant information. Of course, in the case of any new website, if you need assistance or find any glitches, please get in touch with us – we value your feedback. Your questions or comments are most welcome.

We look forward to being of service! 

Thanks and with warm regards, from all of us at George H. Lilley Regalia.