In one of our first blog posts (October 5th 2016) we explained that “what we are interested in is how it (regalia) does continue to have such significance to both individuals and communities across many different cultures”. We mentioned how we intended to present in a series of blog posts an exploration of the examples, definitions and meanings of regalia in a ‘grass-roots’ and ‘everyday’ approach.

So as the busy end-of-year ceremony season comes to a close, we reflect upon some of the wonderful opportunities we have had during 2016. This includes the exciting projects we have enjoyed, the wonderful events we attend where our regalia features, and the many new friends we have made. 


Hadi graduates in April 2016 with a bachelor degree in business and economics

(Another!) Graduation Day for former Christmas Island refugee Hadi Hosseini

We originally met Hadi in 2015 when he graduated from TAFE NSW with an associate degree in accounting. This year, he graduated from Macquarie University with a bachelor degree in business and economics. Clearly this is incredible for many reasons but to think that Hadi did not speak a word of English in 2010 is truly amazing.

It has been our pleasure to attend Hadi’s Macquarie University graduation and gift him a beautiful pure wool gown, hood and mortar board to wear at the ceremony and to keep as a token of his achievements.

We look forward to following Hadi’s ever-expanding set of accomplishments and to seeing him again in 2017. He’s not only a great friend, but an inspiration. 


Hadi graduates in 2015 with an associate degree in accounting at TAFE NSW Photo: Edwina Pickles / Fairfax

Read more of Hadi’s story here:


Citizenship Ceremony at Banyule City Council, The Centre Ivanhoe

Citizenship Ceremony at Banyule City Council, The Centre Ivanhoe

The Heidelberg Mayoral chains worn for the ceremony are a significant and historic piece of regalia that we have had the pleasure to re-furbish over the years.

The ceremony begins with a welcoming speech, and of course, we think the Mayor looks splendid in this chain. It gives an official, important edge to the occasion with a nod to some of the history of the area and its people.


Stage backdrop for Citizenship ceremony at The Great Hall Ivanhoe features the Australian Aboriginal flag, the Australian flag and the Torres Strait Islander flag

The Welcome to Country is done by Aboriginal Elder Mr Ron Jones. He is wearing a possum fur around his collar. He explains that when white man came to this country his people did not understand or see the significance in gold or the wearing of a gold chain. However it could be said that the indigenous people would wear and regard possum fur in the same way. It is interesting that both cultures had wearable items they regarded as both of significance, value, of representing rank and identity – regalia.

In fact, the official ceremony includes three persons wearing regalia. Mayor Tom Melican, wearing the mayoral chains, Ron wearing his possum fur collar, and Mr Albert Fatileh, Leading Senior Constable and Multicultural Liaison Officer at Northcote Police Complex. Mr Fatileh wears his police uniform including epaulettes and headwear.

Newly naturalised Australians we speak with explain how excited they are to have their photo taken with the Mayor wearing his chains and how important it is for them to participate in the ceremony with members of our community wearing their regalia. 


The Ambulance Victoria Community Hero Awards, medals and framed certificates.

‘Ordinary People, Extraordinary Actions’ – The Ambulance Victoria Community Hero Awards

We have had the pleasure of making medals, badges and plaques for Ambulance Victoria for many years now. So this year we attended the 17th annual Ambulance Victoria Community Hero Award ceremony at parliament house.

The awards are presented to those chosen by Ambulance Victoria for their selfless acts in times of emergency to help others, whether that be a family member, friend or stranger. The youngest award recipient this year was just 10 years of age.

It was a pleasure to hear the heart-felt speeches of thanks made by Ambulance Victoria CEO Mr Tony Walker and our Minister for Ambulance Services Jill Hennessey MP.


The Ambulance Victoria Community Hero Awards, medals and framed certificates

During the presentation of the Community Hero Awards we hear each amazing story of the recipients and how their selfless acts help save the lives of others. The medal received by each is a small token of thanks and recognition of their heroic acts from both Ambulance Victoria and the wider community. 


What a Wonderful 2016 - Merry Christmas and Sincere Thanks for your Support

So far we feel that the above stories and other blog posts do indeed help ‘highlight just how significant regalia still is’. We certainly look forward to continuing this exploration in a bright and busy 2017 full of new regalia projects.

Our sincere thanks to all for your continued support and we look forward to being of service in 2017.

Merry Christmas and safe, happy holidays from all of us here at George H. Lilley Regalia.