After years of research and dedication, your PhD award ceremony is of great significance. It’s also important to family and friends who have witnessed (or maybe suffered!) you going through the process of attaining your PhD.

So when it comes to the award ceremony, you deserve regalia that can be worn with pride and dignity.


Academic Dress Australian Made  by us here at George H. Lilley Regalia, Melbourne

Find Real Quality in Bespoke Academic Dress

We are well-known for the making of PhD Gowns and Doctoral Robes both locally and internationally. Many consider it to be our specialty. Clearly we’re not shy on self-promotion regarding this, but we really do enjoy this area of our work.

Put simply, PhD graduates will come to us for their academic dress because they want to look and feel great in their PhD regalia.

Select a Fabric That You Feel Most Comfortable In

We provide fabric options including polyester, wool/polyester blends, and luxurious superfine wool.

You will be wearing your robe over existing clothing, so you need to be sure that the fabric is lightweight and preferably breathable as in the case of wool and wool blends. Our fabrics are especially selected by us for the perfect weight and drape of academic dress.

Take a look at our fabric type selection tab on any PhD suite page on our website for further information regarding our select fabrics.


Swinburne University Professional Doctorate of Arts Regalia

Try to Order Your PhD Gown Early (If Possible)

Of course, we have a great reputation for fulfilling orders at short notice, but it’s best to avoid any urgency. This is a huge achievement in your life, a real milestone occasion, so don’t leave important but easily over-looked aspects of your award ceremony to last minute.

While black is typically kept in stock in a range of fabrics, sometimes same fabrics in navy, red or maroon/claret are subject to availability.

Long Robes Look Better

When it comes to ceremonial robes, we believe that a longer robe always looks more flattering and graceful on both ladies and gents.

By this we mean that robes look best when the length comes down below your mid-calf.

You can consult the size guide chart on any PhD suite page on our website for further information.  If you are still not sure, please contact us or come in for a special fitting. Please call us ahead of time for fittings.

In the case of headwear, ascertaining your own head size can be a little tricky. Sizing for mortar boards and bonnets is head circumference about 2cms above your ears.

Of course, don’t be shy if this still doesn’t make sense - 


If You're not Sure About Sizing of Your PhD Bonnet Please Ask Us for Assistance

We’ve had mathematicians, engineers and architects admit to troubles when measuring their own head size!

You are welcome to come in and try bonnets or mortars on for size. If this is not possible, we do offer exchange within our returns and exchanges policy.

As always, if you’re not sure or you need further help, just get in touch – we want to be sure you look great and feel great wearing your PhD regalia!