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Graduation Gowns

Academic dress and graduation gowns

Premium Australian-made academic dress, tailored in Melbourne by us using select fabrics, wool or wool-blends.

Discount imported range also available.

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What do I need for my graduation?

We manufacture academic dress & supply directly to many Australian universities & institutions, including bachelor and masters gowns, hoods, stoles, Phd gowns, mortarboards (also known as graduation hats or trenchers) and tudor velvet bonnets.

In some cases you may purchase directly from us. In other cases, we can refer you directly to University retailers. Simply submit the enquiry form and we will assist you.

If you are a graduate, please note that you may have already paid for your academic dress hire with your graduation fee. Check directly with your graduations department at your university to be sure.

Your special moment is important to us. We guarantee the quality of our garments and after-sales service.

‘As always, the service and quality was outstanding. I really enjoy working with George H. Lilley’

Caroline Christensen, Registrar, St Paul's College, The University of Sydney
Graduation Gowns
Minimal Price: A$29.00