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Mayoral Regalia

Mayoral Robes, Chains & Pendants.

Our mayoral robes are all proudly tailored here in Australia by us using select fabrics and expert garment construction techniques.

We also design and craft mayoral pendants and chains, provide refurbishment services and engraving.

Mayoral Garments

We make a variety of mayoral robes including ornate historical, traditional style & corporate style. These are Australian made, tailored here in Melbourne by us. We can also design & make regalia that is unique to your council. Designs may be informed by:

Indigenous Australian culture, regional materials, historical precedent or corporate branding.

A variety of fabrics including damask, wool and wool-blends are available. Garment details such as embroidered bullion motifs, detailed edging and oak leaf facings may be incorporated into the design. Only faux-fur is used in our garments.

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Mayoral Chains

Mayoral chains are formal, full-dress type regalia. One chain requires around 20 – 25 links or term bars. These links feature the engraved name and term of each successive mayor. Every link is joined using fine chain that is assembled carefully by hand. We have standard link types available or we can design and make links unique to your council.

A variety of finish options are available and we engrave your chain links as required. We can also refurbish existing chains and add links, ornamental links or secondary chains.

70 years of Making & Refurbishment Services

We can design and craft regalia unique to your requirements. We also offer a complete refurbishment service for your existing regalia.

Mayoral Pendants

We design and manufacture mayoral pendants in a variety of styles ranging from contemporary types informed by corporate branding, through to ornate pendants featuring filigree detail.

A variety of metal finish options are available & coloured enamel may be incorporated into the design.

Mayoral pendants may be worn with a full chain (formal/full-dress regalia) or with a simple, elegant collaret (informal/undress regalia). We can design pendants so they may be interchangeable with either chain or collaret. We also design and make complimentary deputy mayor regalia.

Mayoral Pendant with Collaret

A mayoral pendant with collaret is a simple but elegant option to a full set of mayoral chains. Also referred to as un-dress or informal regalia, the collaret may be made using grosgrain ribbon or velvet with the collaret fully lined.

The select color of the collaret may suit council branding. A term bar at the base of the collaret is a nice way to provide a link to the pendant.

‘...from initial concept & sketch design through documentation, sampling & final manufacture of garment or product...’

Visualisation & representation including:
Vector artwork
Hand drafting or digital artwork
Metal casting including spin casting & lost-wax casting
Metal crafting by hand
Expert engraving
Vitreous & synthetic enamelling


Miniatures are small replicas of mayoral pendants or other council insignia that may include a term bar. They are an ideal gift to a mayor at the completion of his or her term of office.

They can also be presented as a special gift or token to community members, friends and supporters of council or as an achievement award.

Ornamental Chain Links

Ornamental chain links are specially designed components of a chain that provide junctions between the arrangements of term bars. They are often two or three letter intertwined monograms but can also be special feature links of council insignia.

Term Bars & Engraving

Term Bars are the components that make up a mayoral chain. Each term bar is engraved with mayor name and term of office. Term bars may be designed specifically for council, or select from standard types. We can also replicate to match existing chains.

George H. Lilley offers an expert engraving service for your mayoral chain and pendant requirements. All our engraving is done in-house by us. For any engraving, we require you to submit your text by email or in writing.