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Medals, Badges & Plaques

Medals, badges and awards, bespoke corporate and government insignia, crests and emblems. Expert engraving and complete design services.

Medals, Badges & Plaques of Distinction

We offer a complete design service & 70 years of manufacturing experience. We can design & produce all types of custom & specialty items.

Medals, Badges & Awards

We supply premium quality medals, badges & awards for a variety of sporting organizations, clubs, schools & colleges. We also manufacture bespoke corporate and government insignia, crests & emblems, both metal & embroidered.

George H Lilley Regalia has an expert engraving service for all applications, be it medals, plaques or other presentation awards.


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  • Medals & Medallions

    Medals & medallions may be die struck, investment or spin cast, computer cut or hand-made. We often use a combination of making techniques to create custom designs. Finished medals may include 2 dimensional through to 3 dimensional designs and a variety of plating and metal finishes are available.

    Colour can also be incorporated into your medal and medallion designs. Coloured logos and insignia may be created with synthetic paint fill or vitreous hard enamel.

    Special presentation medals, custom designs & intricate details are our specialty.

    For example, the AFL Anzac Australia Day Medal is hand-crafted in Melbourne by us at George H. Lilley Regalia.

    Expert artwork and set-up services

    70 years of design and manufacture experience

    The best possible representation of your branding and visual identity standards

    Presentation Cases & Ribbons

    Presentation cases give a special touch to awards and commemorative medals. Velvet hard cases are available in a variety of colours and are fully lined with satin or velvet. The inside of the cases may be printed with your logo. Larger cases provide for casement of the medal with neck ribbon or collaret.

    Coloured neck or breast ribbons are often a great way to extend your club, school or organisation branding. Choose from standard grosgrain neck ribbon or satin ribbon. Custom ribbons that incorporate your logo may be woven on request.

    Other custom neckwear for medals and medallions can take the form of tailored collarets. These may be velvet, grosgrain or moiré fabric. Tailored collarets can be fully lined and trimmed with gold or silver edging, or made to your unique specification.

    Service Medals & Commemorative Medals

    Special medals such as military service medals and commemorative medals are often ribboned for wearing on the chest. They may be pinned to a garment or suspended from a chest pocket.

    Commemorative medals often feature top and/or bottom bars which may be engraved with your requirements. Special ribbon centrepieces like monograms or other emblems can be attached to the ribbon centre.

    Military service medals are available as full size replicas or as miniatures. They may be court or swing-mounted to be worn or framed.

    In-House Engraving

    For your convenience, we offer an expert engraving service which is done in-house by us. We can engrave directly onto medals, or we can engrave presentation plates for plaques and term bars for commemorative jewels. All engraving requirements need to be submitted in writing or by email to ensure that spelling and details are correct.

    ‘...from initial concept & sketch design through documentation, sampling & final manufacture of garment or product...’

    Visualisation & representation including:
    Vector artwork
    Hand drafting or digital artwork
    Metal casting including spin casting & lost-wax casting
    Metal crafting by hand
    Expert engraving
    Vitreous & synthetic enamelling