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Graduation Hairstyles to Wear Under Your Cap

Now that you’ve wrapped up exams and finished up several years of study, it’s time to let your hair out. Or is it? No other special event is trickier when it comes to your hairstyle than your graduation. How are you going to create the perfect hairdo when that graduation cap is giving you hat hair?

In fact, styling your hair for graduation night might be easier than you think. Below, we’ve listed some of our favourite hairstyle ideas to go with your graduation outfit.

Graduation hairstyles for longer hair

Longer hair is always a little easier to manage, especially when you factor you need a hairstyle to wear under a cap. From romantic braids to loose waves, here are some graduation styling ideas for longer hair.

Loose waves

A low-maintenance way to keep your hair looking fresh and youthful is to opt for flowy beach waves. This style looks great under a cap and involves minimal effort.

An on-trend look whether you have medium or longer hair, wavy hair is easy to whip up and doesn’t demand stylist-worthy attention.

Just leave your hair in braids overnight for natural waves. You might want to add a little hairspray and ruffle your hands through your hair first thing to perfect the look.

Alternatively, use a curling wand and run your hand through the locks to loosen them up. Tease the bottom bits of hair to add more volume.

Accent braiding

woman with accent braiding hair

No matter what you do, your graduation cap will interfere with the hair on the crown of your head. 

Avoid hat hair by creating accent braids. Wear your hair half up, half down, with an accent braid on one side of your part (or two braids either side). It’s up to you how big and how tight you want the braids.

Half up, half down

It’s a hairstyle that makes sense with a graduation cap. The half up, half down look gives you more control over how the hair on the top of your head will look after a day under a cap, keeping it flat but still styled. 

How you style your hair is entirely up to you. You can use accent braids as we mentioned above or simply go for a loose, low knot. You can straighten your hair or have some gentle curls.

A sleek bun

woman with a sleek bun hairstyle

Eliminate any concern for hat hair and take control of your do by securing it in a sleek, low bun. Just make sure you know where your cap will sit so you can position the bun low enough to stay out of the way.

Low, teased ponytail

Effortless and chic, a teased ponytail is always an easy way to tame your hair, especially when it will spend large portions of the night under your graduation cap.

To make it a little more formal than your everyday ponytail, add texture by teasing your hair or adding some curls. Wrapping a strand of hair around the hairband helps disguise the band and elevates the look further.

A side braid

Great for graduates with long hair, a side braid is a simple yet stylish look, especially for difficult hair. Try a French braid (as in this side French braid tutorial) or a fishtail braid and add extra volume by loosening the braid a little. You can even pull out a few curly strands or have a side fringe peeping out from under your cap.

Tight curls

Woman with tight curls

Unlike beach waves, tight curls are a great way to embrace curly hair and take it to the extreme. Wrap them tightly around a curling wand and add hairspray to keep them bouncy and tight all day long.

Simple and straight

Bring back this popular look from the 90s. Your hair is going to flatten under the mortar board, so you may as well pick a style that will complement the fashion.

Use a hair straightener to create a straight blowout that gives an airy, windswept look to those locks without making your hair look weighed down or limp.

A bubbly ponytail

If you want to add character to your style, try something a little different with a bubble ponytail. This look is all too easy to do.

Simply create a low or half up, half down ponytail and add extra hair ties at various points down the length of the ponytail. Teasing the hair gives it more volume.

Graduation Styles for Short Hair

Shorter hair may be more difficult to style underneath a graduation cap, but that doesn’t mean you can create something memorable for your special night.

A little colouring or ombre

Instead of changing your hairdo, why not change your hair colour? A coloured ombre or random streaks of colour is a playful way to celebrate your graduation, especially if you have shorter hair. With a little colour, you can keep your hair naturally straight or with just a little beach wave.

The natural look

Woman with a natural look hairstyle

Why mess with what you’ve got? The natural look is very much in and easy to control with short hair. Just let your bob do its thing and tame it with a little texturiser or hairspray.

The blunt chop

Make the most of your bob by straightening it to accentuate the blunt cut. Tilt your graduation cap back a little if possible to show off your incredible style. For those with a little wave, you may want to grab a straightener just to give your hair a blunt edge.

Side parted lob

For a shorter hair cut, mess up your tresses to add texture and create a side part for extra interest. You may want to tilt your graduation cap back and to the side (if your university allows it) to emphasise your celebrity-worthy style.

Wear your hairstyle and graduation cap with pride

There you have it. A hairstyle that is simple, yet stunning. A style that will complement your graduation outfit.

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