Design and Manufacture

Our combined training & experience means we can contribute to your projects from initial concept & sketch design through documentation, sampling & final manufacture of garment or product. Our collective skills include;

Visualisation and Representation

We provide artwork for any stage of your project, whether this be in the form of concept sketches or final drawings for manufacture.

Artwork can be produced for all types of regalia, whether this be for garments and robes, metal emblems or cast objects. Artwork for the development of your project may take the form of;

-Hand drafting
-Digital artwork
-Vector artwork

Same processes may be used for documentation and development of replica projects and bespoke designs.

Specialised Garment Design and Construction

The team at George H. Lilley Regalia have extensive training and experience in the areas of;

-Specialised garment design
-Textile design
-Sampling & prototyping
-Pattern making
-Tailoring & sewing

Our methods of manufacture mean we can cater for both small and large sized orders, from one-off to bulk production.

We are proud to be licensed with the official Australian Made campaign for the vast majority of our garments and ceremonial wear.

Over 70 Years of Experience

‘...from initial concept & sketch design through documentation, sampling & final manufacture of garment or product...’

Our long-established local and international network of friends and suppliers means we can also contribute to your project with regards to;

-Colour matching
-Dyeing and processing
-Textile sourcing
-Bullion & silk embroidery

Metal Casting, Design & Crafting

We are still using these manufacturing and crafting methods here at our premises in Melbourne.

As most of us are aware, a lot of Australian manufacturing in the area of metal ware, badges and medals shifted overseas some time ago. While we do source some materials overseas, we take great pride in maintaining our own local production in the areas of;

-Metal casting including spin casting & lost-wax (investment) casting
-Metal stamping
-Metal crafting by hand
-Expert engraving
-Vitreous & synthetic enamelling

Made-by-Hand, Traditional Craftsmanship

Hand-Crafting Skills and Traditional Methods of Making

While we do have automated manufacture systems and machinery, we still maintain hand-crafting skills and use traditional methods of making, including;

- Saw-piercing
- Hand-engraving
- Enamelling

Making Here in Melbourne

We take great pleasure in our work and enjoy the artistry of what we do.

The combination of our ability to design and manufacture locally, as well as source materials from overseas, means we can produce fine, well-crafted and affordable regalia.

By maintaining manufacturing at our own premises, we have a unique advantage of ensuring quality, delivery and service.

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