Knights Templar and Knights of Malta Thin Belt and Frog
Australian Made
Knights Templar and Knights of Malta Thin Belt and Frog

Knights Templar and Knights of Malta Thin Belt and Frog


Genuine leather belt and frog for Knights Templar and Knights of Malta sword. Belt strap is 2.5 cm wide. The frog suspends from your belt to hold your sword in place. 


Fittings are metal.


Sword and scabbard are sold separately.


Our metal plating is tested and compliant with AS 1192-2004 and AS 1901-2004.

We make for all masonic degrees and constitutions, please contact us with your enquiry.


Our Knights Templar and Knights of Malta masonic regalia is certified Australian made by us.


We guarantee the quality of our regalia and after-sales service. 


Thank you for supporting Australian made.

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For best care and longevity of your regalia, we recommend the following:

Wear your regalia in ceremony only - avoid eating or drinking when wearing as special fabrics may stain. 

Take care when handling your regalia, as pinning or your fingernails may cause damage.

Use a regalia case, jewel box or garment bag for storeage and travel. Allowing your regalia to air regularly will assist to keep it in best condition.

Ultra violet light may cause discolouration over time, so keep your regalia out of direct sunlight.

Avoid newspaper, biro or printed matter near your regalia.

Masonic aprons should be stored flat wherever possible. Also avoid folding collars and collarettes.This is especially the case with embroidered regalia which should be stored flat and never folded.

If at any time you are unsure about the best care for your regalia, please contact us, the manufacturer, for advice.

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