Craft Standard Worshipful Master Mason Apron


Standard Worshipful Master Apron with embossed levels tassels. Apron includes pocket in back lining and black elastic belt with snake fitting. Lambskin upgrade available. 

This apron is certified Australian made by us. 

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For best care and longevity of your regalia, we recommend the following; - Wear your regalia in ceremony only - Avoid eating or drinking when wearing - Special fabrics and materials may stain - Take care when handling (pining or fingernails may damage) We recommend using a regalia case, jewel box or garment bag for storage and travel. Allowing your regalia to air regularly will assist to keep it in best condition. Due to ultra violet light, lambskin may discolour over time. Therefore we recommend keeping lambskin aprons out of direct light. Avoid newspaper, biro or printed matter near skin of apron, including vinyl. Aprons should be laid flat wherever possible. Also avoid folding collars and collarets. This is especially the case for embroidered collars and aprons – they should be stored flat for best care and never folded. If at any time you are not sure about the best care of your garment, please contact us, the manufacturer, for advice.

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