Master Graduation Gown and Mortar Board Set
Master Graduation Gown and Mortar Board Set

Master Graduation Gown and Mortar Board Set

$129.00 $109.00

Master graduation robe and mortar board set with discount!

Gown is delivered to you pressed and ready to wear with complimentary robe bag.

Mortar board is especially designed by us for an affordable yet quality, dignified look for your special day.

Gown made in our select polyester fabric, mortar is made using pure wool felt.

We guarantee our garments and after sales service.
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Sizing of graduation gowns is generally determined by a person's height. This is a universal method of sizing for most ceremonial gowns as worn within Australia.

There are increments to each gown size. For example, size small = sizes 40 - 44. This means that a size 40, 42 and 44 all have the same yoke size (shoulder width) while the length of the gown differs.

GownSizeHeight cm / ft
XS - Extra SmallSize 38147cm / 4'8 
S - SmallSize 40152 cm / 5' 

Size 42157cm / 5'2 

Size 44162 cm / 5'4 
M - MediumSize 46168 cm / 5'6 

Size 48173 cm / 5'8 

Size 50178 cm / 6'0 
L - LargeSize 52183 cm / 6' 

Size 54187 cm / 6'2 

Size 56193 cm / 6'4
XL - Extra LargeSize 58198 cm / 6'6

If you have broad shoulders or require more width to your robe, consider the next size up.

Gowns are intended to be loose-fitting. In Australia, gowns are typically worn open at the front over existing clothing and should be mid-to-lower-calf length. The length and drape of a robe  make a difference to the overall look, and we recommend that a longer gown will look more elegant and better fitting. For example, if you are 170 cm tall, which falls between a size 46 and size 48, go for the size 48.

Do not wear bulky clothing under an academic gown. 

We offer a special fitting service for gowns for purchase. Please contact us for assistance.

Sizing for headwear is head circumference about 2cm above your ears. If you don't have a tape measure, use a length of string and measure the string.

*Soft Cap Mortar Board Size cmHard Cap Mortar Board Size cmBonnet Size cm
Small 51 - 555151



Medium 55 - 58 5555


 Large 58 - 615858


Extra Large 61 - 626161
Extra Extra Large 62 + 6262


*Our soft cap mortars are slightly elasticised so there is some allowance between sizes. If you are in-between sizes, always go for the larger size. 

Keep in mind that all head shapes are different and this will affect sizing and fit. If you are unsure, just remember you can exchange your headwear according to the terms and conditions on our website.

Our select fabrics include polyester, wool/poly blend or superfine wool.


  • Our most popular and affordable gown fabric
  • Yarn originally developed in Australia
  • Lightweight, easily worn over existing clothing
  • Comfortable in both humid and cool climates
  • Travels well, is crush resistant
  • Matt-finish for a smart, dignified look
  • 170gsm, selected by us for the perfect weight and drape of academic dress
  • Used for our own hire stock of gowns, fabric will store brilliantly
  • Recommended for bulk stock

Wool/Poly Blend:

  • An affordable alternative to pure wool
  • Generally 80% wool and 20% polyester
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Comfortable in both humid and cool climates
  • Dry clean only
  • Travels well, is crush resistant
  • Matt-finish for a smart, dignified look
  • Selected by us for the ideal weight and drape of academic dress

Pure Wool:

  • A favorite for academics and professionals
  • Superior choice of fabric
  • Select 100% superfine 'cool' wool
  • Superfine 'S' value 120 - refers to the fineness of the wool fibre
  • Execellent breatheability and lightweight
  • Comfortable in both winter and summer, humid and cool conditions
  • Feels wonderfully smooth and soft to the touch
  • Dry clean only
  • Excellent for travel, crease resistant
  • Matt-finish for a smart, dignified look
  • Selected by us for the ideal weight and drape of academic dress

Bachelor Graduation Gown

 Wear your bachelor graduation gown like a coat - simply put your arms through the open end of the sleeves. This is an Oxford style bachelor gown, which is the type we typically make here at George H Lilley Regalia.

Sometimes there may be an opening half-way down the sleeve seams. If this is the case, you simply place your arms through these openings. This is a Cambridge style bachelor gown, which we make on request.

Master Graduation Gown

A master graduation gown has long sleeves that extend the length of the robe. The sleeves are closed at the end, but have an opening mid-way for your arms. See in our photo where these openings are.  

How to Wear Mortar Board 1/4

 The 'crown' or cap-part of your mortar board needs to sit snug over your head. First, find the deeper end of the cap. This deep or long end goes to the centre-back of your head. The shorter or shallow part of the cap goes to the centre front of your head. 

How to Wear Mortar Board 2/4

So now place the cap over your head with the deep end to the back, and the shallow end of the cap to the front. 

How to Wear Mortar Board 3/4

Pull the cap down around your head so that it feels snug and secure.

How to Wear Mortar Board 4/4

 The square part of the cap should be flat and parallel to the floor. The tassel will hang to the side of your head. Your university will determine which side the tassel should drape. 


Be sure to follow the laundering instructions on the care label of your garment. 

Our garments come to you pressed and ready-to-wear with minimal creasing from freight. However, we do recommend hanging your garment when not in use and if required, gently iron or steam your robe. (Do not put an iron directly onto any satin lining or facing!)

Every George H Lilley Regalia gown comes with a complimentry robe bag. We recommend using this bag for storeage and travel. Allowing your garment to air regularly will assist to keep your gown in best condition.

Particular care is required if your garment has satin linings or facings. In this case, we recommend that your academic regalia is worn in ceremonies only. Avoid eating or drinking while wearing your regalia as the satin may stain. Take care when handling as pinning or your fingernails could damage the fabric.

If at any time you are not sure on the best of care for your garment then please contact us, the manufacturer, for advice.

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