University of Divinity PhD Graduation Gown Set - Gown, Hood and Bonnet
University of Divinity PhD Graduation Gown Set - Gown, Hood and Bonnet
University of Divinity PhD Graduation Gown Set - Gown, Hood and Bonnet
Australian Made
University of Divinity PhD Graduation Gown Set - Gown, Hood and Bonnet
University of Divinity PhD Graduation Gown Set - Gown, Hood and Bonnet
University of Divinity PhD Graduation Gown Set - Gown, Hood and Bonnet

University of Divinity PhD Graduation Gown Set - Gown, Hood and Bonnet


  • Certified Australian-made, tailored by us in Melbourne.
  • Select from superfine wool, wool/poly blend or polyester base fabrics.
  • Fabrics selected by us for the perfect weight and drape of academic dress.
  • Quality garment construction techniques and reinforced hand-pleating.
  • Perfectly-pressed vivid faculty colours.
  • Gowns sent to you with a complimentary robe bag for garment care.

    All our academic dress is made to university specifications. We guarantee the quality of our garments and after-sales service.


    The University of Divinity PhD regalia consists of a black gown with cherry red facings and cuffs. The Oxford style hood is also lined with cherry red. The black velvet bonnet has a gold cord and tassels.


    Due to popular demand, our website now caters for international orders.


    Refer to the tabs below for information regarding gown sizing, headwear sizing, our fabric types and garment care advice.


    Our family have been making regalia for 75 years. Thank-you for supporting Australian made.


    We look forward to being of service!

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    Fabric Types


    Our most popular and affordable gown fabric. Lightweight, easily worn over clothing, comfortable in both humid and cool climates. Matt-finish for a smart, dignified look. 170gsm, selected by us for the perfect weight and drape of academic dress.

    Wool/Poly Blend

    Generally 70% wool and 30% polyester blend. Matt-finish for a smart, dignified look. Selected by us for the perfect weight and drape of academic dress. Blends can be heavier than our polyester or superfine wool depending on availability. Just ask us for assistance regarding wool/poly blend when placing your order.

    Superfine Wool

    A favorite for academics and professionals. A superior choice of fabric. Select 100% superfine 'cool' wool. Excellent breatheability and lightweight. Comfortable in all conditions. Feels wonderfully smooth and soft to the touch, drapes perfectly. Matt-finish for a smart, dignified look.

    Gown sizing is determined by your height (floor to top of head). If you are in-between sizes, we recommend the larger size. Gowns are worn open at the front and are very loose-fitting, so don't worry about the waistline - just go by your height!

    Your height cm/inches


    147cm / 4’8


    152cm / 5’0


    157cm / 5’2


    162cm / 5’4


    168cm / 5’6


    173cm / 5’8


    178cm / 5’10


    183cm / 6’0


    187cm / 6’2


    193cm / 6’4


    198cm / 6’6


    Head size is head circumference taken above the eyebrows and ears. Use a tape measure.

    *Soft cap mortar boards are slightly elasticised with a little room between sizes. If you are in-between sizes, we recommend the larger size. ie: if you measure 57.5cms, choose a size large. Head sizing can be tricky. You are welcome to exchange size within 7 days of receiving. 

    Soft Cap Mortar Board Size

    Hard Cap Mortar Board Size / Bonnet Size

    Small-Medium 55-57cm





    Large 58-60cm




    Extra Large 61-62cm



    Extra Extra Large 63cm+


    We use Australia Post for domestic orders and DHL express for international orders. The charges below include shipping and handling $AUD. 

    Parcel Size

    Standard Australia Post

    Express Australia Post

    DHL Express International

    Pick Up

    Small: masonic jewel, academic hood, lapel pin, cuff links




    Only at our Melbourne showroom.

    27 Anderson Road, Thornbury, Victoria.

    Open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

    Closed public holidays and Xmas/New year holidays.

    Medium/Large: gown, hood and mortar set, PhD set, masonic apron, soft cap mortar




    Extra Large: briefcase, multiple sets





    Prices may be subject to change without notice.

    Domestic shipping: refer to Australia post for delivery time estimates. Australia post no longer guarantee delivery time frames. Use the tracking number provided to track your parcel on the Australia post website. If there is reason to believe your parcel has gone missing, contact us for assistance. Do not assume that selecting express post means your order will be dispatched within a few days. A lot of our regalia is made to order. Refer lead time tab.

    International shipping: international freight is expensive however we only use DHL express for reliability, speed and security. Additional freight charges may apply if your order is unusually large. We will contact you if additional freight charges may apply. Our international freight charges do not include any duties or taxes at your end.

    If you would like your regalia for a particular ceremony date, contact us to ask about availability.

    Please be aware that most regalia is bespoke and tailor made. We have a made-to-order, small-batch production cycle.

    We aim to fulfil all orders within a reasonable time frame, however lead times can be situational, seasonal and will vary depending on our production schedule. 

    Please do not assume that by selecting express post that your order will be dispatched within a few days. We are not a pick-and-pack warehouse. 

    Please do not assume that we know you want your regalia in time for a ceremony, that we know the date of your ceremony, or that you will receive your regalia in time for your ceremony (refer points below). We recommend having a contingency plan; hire or borrow regalia from a friend, a colleague or your institution.

    We cannot control shipping time once a parcel leaves our premises (see shipping tab). 

    Some things that are out of our control may delay production. We take all steps necessary to avoid delays but materials and deliveries delay, staff shortages, machine malfunctions, and natural disasters are out of our control. 

    Putting pressure on our staff will not make your order be processed more quickly. We do not tolerate unreasonable, impatient or aggressive behaviour.

    We thank you for your patience and understanding as our production team work hard to try to meet everyone's requirements. 

    Participating in a University ceremony where your award will be conferred?

    The following information applies to customers who want to purchase their regalia to wear at a university ceremony where the award relevant to this regalia is being conferred. Please see this page

    *Note: The colour and design of your PhD gown may differ to what is below, however, how you wear your PhD regalia is essentially the same.

    To wear your PhD Gown:

    Wear your PhD gown like a coat - simply place your arms through the sleeves, and wear the gown OPEN at the front.

    To wear your hood:

    Hold the hood out in front of you, as above, noting the neck button and loop.

    (The following may be a different colour to your hood, but how you wear the hood is still the same)

    Open the hood and lift the neck band over your head.

    Now the neck band is in place, you can fix the button loop to your clothing.

    (Back to the PhD hood colour!)

    The hood drapes down your back. Some of the inside colour is exposed.

    To wear your bonnet: The bonnet should sit flat on your head (not fluffed up like a chef's hat!) The tassels drape to one side as determined by your university.

    Be sure to follow the laundering instructions on the care label of your garment. 

    Our garments come to you pressed and ready-to-wear with minimal creasing from freight. However, we do recommend hanging your garment when not in use and if required, gently iron or steam your robe. (Do not put an iron directly onto any satin lining or facing!)

    Every George H Lilley Regalia gown comes with a complimentry robe bag. We recommend using this bag for storeage and travel. Allowing your garment to air regularly will assist to keep your gown in best condition.

    Particular care is required if your garment has satin linings or facings. In this case, we recommend that your academic regalia is worn in ceremonies only. Avoid eating or drinking while wearing your regalia as the satin may stain. Take care when handling as pinning or your fingernails could damage the fabric.

    If at any time you are not sure on the best of care for your garment then please contact us, the manufacturer, for advice.

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