School House Colour Stoles
Australian Made
School House Colour Stoles

School House Colour Stoles

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We design and tailor house team colour stoles and sashes for a variety of secondary colleges and institutions.


Designs may feature woven patterns, embroidery, fringe and edging.


Our fabrics are specially sourced and selected for the perfect weight and drape of academic dress. 


Designs may feature woven patterns, embroidery, fringe and edging. Design service also available. 


Your special moments are important to us. That's why we guarantee our quality and after-sales service. 


Our stoles are certified Australian made by us.


Thank you for supporting Australian made.



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Be sure to follow the laundering instructions on the care label of your garment. 

Our garments come to you pressed and ready-to-wear with minimal creasing from freight. However, we do recommend hanging your garment when not in use and if required, gently iron or steam your robe. (Do not put an iron directly onto any satin lining or facing!)

Every George H Lilley Regalia gown comes with a complimentry robe bag. We recommend using this bag for storeage and travel. Allowing your garment to air regularly will assist to keep your gown in best condition.

Particular care is required if your garment has satin linings or facings. In this case, we recommend that your academic regalia is worn in ceremonies only. Avoid eating or drinking while wearing your regalia as the satin may stain. Take care when handling as pinning or your fingernails could damage the fabric.

If at any time you are not sure on the best of care for your garment then please contact us, the manufacturer, for advice.

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