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Repairs & Alterations
We provide a conversion and refurbishment service for all types of regalia if originally manufactured by George H Lilley. This includes alterations and repairs to gowns and robes, aprons, collars, sashes and jewels. Please note that in some cases where regalia is too old or damaged to repair, we may advise not to refurbish the item.
Masonic Regalia Conversions
For Masonic regalia conversions, please contact us with your requirements. Pricing is indicative only, as conversions or refurbishments will vary depending upon the condition of your existing regalia.
Academic Dress Services
Aside from our bulk and individual hire service, we also provide a complete academic dress service for dignitaries and officials at special events. Simply supply the name, qualifications, institution and size requirements for each person.
Bespoke Design Services
Our team includes properly qualified and experienced designers, tailors and craftsmen. For custom pendants, badges or logo applications, our design process usually involves a proof and revision process, where artwork is supplied to the client for consideration and approval.